Fairy Got Killed

by Guney Ozsan

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    Also includes fantastic artwork by Ozge Senogul in wallpaper format adjusted for 8 different screen sizes (including mobile).
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FREE to download!
$5 suggested if you want to pay.
Tips are welcome:)

How is the mind of a fairy, right after it gets killed? Take a psychological journey through a confused mind. A concept album made of post-modern mix of emotions through electronic music with experimental jazz and ambient influences.

• Recorded with a 2000 make Korg Triton Classic at 192 kHz and mixed in a 64 bit depth engine.
• Minimal mixing and mastering applied to save characteristic of Korg Triton.
• FLAC version is insanely analog, 192 kHz 24 bit.


"Sunshine (Sunset Lounge Edit)" is special only for the Bandcamp and Loudr edition!


"Fairy Got Killed" is based on the ideas that I noted, drafted and recorded between 2000 and 2005. Then life drifted me to projects involving other people. Academy, bands, live music... I had to freeze my inner self at that point. Seven years later, now I caught the chance to return to my singularity.

So, it was just the right time to bring the death of the fairy into life. Although my personality and musicality changed a lot in this period, I chose to stick hard to my vision in the first half of 2000's. I kept the sounds that I picked, left the solos recorded as they are. It needed to be authentic because, for me, it was an interesting look into my inner self 7-8 years ago. I was digging through the details of a snapshot of my own self frozen in 2005. I was surprised by my mental state at that time. It was a really exciting experience. It was like having a sub-conscious communication through the years. I hope you can experience this feeling too.

The tracks 2 and 4, "Fairy Got Killed" and "Manifest of a Dead Fairy" are the basic drive for the concept. The music made its own way into somewhat of a drama. I didn't choose a storyline to follow. Then the concept just appeared as it is. I always like representing psychology of some abstract cases with music. It is a dense feeling. I always like the realistic elements in stories. They are filled with intense psychology and horror. I don't know why we treat them as child's toys. I think they can be really traumatic for children, and adults can benefit more from them.

The artwork is a painting of my friend Ozge Senogul, who is also a fashion designer. She really has some amazing paintings full of interesting psychology and atmosphere. They feel like almost animated and flowing. I feel lucky being one of the few who could see them. She wrote to me after listening to the album: "It feels like a fantastic play. Especially "Fairy Got Killed" and "Manifest of a Dead Fairy", for me, are flying with wings." Many thanks to her.



released June 5, 2012

Composer & Producer: Guney Ozsan
Artwork: Ozge Senogul




Guney Ozsan Istanbul, Turkey

Guney Ozsan is a composer & multimedia artist from Istanbul. He produces electronic compositions, develops tools for contemporary composers, audio effect plugins and mobile audio games. He also composes for video games and movies. He is a founding member of the Istanbul based audio/visual design team Post-Illusions. ... more

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